AuthorRich Peterson | S&P

Rich Peterson has spent the last 10 years planning, mapping & reimagining the processes of hundreds of SMBs. Whether the goal is more money, more time, more clarity or more customer smiles, the painful process is worth every minute for our successful clients.

The ROI on a more automated onboarding experience


If you’re a believer in first impressions then you’ll know how important it is to onboarding new staff members well. You want new staff to bond with current staff and to get a broad overview of what they need to do and how they’ll do it. The onboarding experience for new staff doesn’t have to involve multiple staff members, piles of forms, new staff members wondering what...

But I don’t think like that!


You might be absolutely convinced that you’re not a systems thinker. That you’re not the systems guy. That you’re more of a free-thinking entrepreneur who leaves systems thinking up to the geekier members of the team. You write notes on paper, you’re swamped with emails and your work gets done, not perfectly but at least on-time. I’m here to tell you that you are a...